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“These clothes are handmade by a group of women who are weaving their future in our sewing workshop. By doing this, they’re transforming their situation
of social exclusion and creating beautiful stories.”

These words perfectly define DONA KOLORS. A socially conscious clothing and accessories brand created by women who are survivors of sex trafficking. At the Foundation, we provided support through consulting services, helping them to develop their brand concept and improve their website and e-commerce sales.

The context

El Lloc de la Dona is a comprehensive social service center for women who find themselves in the context of sex work environments and trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. The center is run by Hermanas Oblatas, a community that formed more than 150 years ago to serve women at risk of social exclusion. Since its inception, their mission has been to provide these women with training they need to successfully integrate into the working world. Their commitment to social justice, stemming from the current reality, is the basis of the center’s work.

After years of working with these training programs, in 2012 they took it a step further, launching a social entrepreneurship project to help these women get into the world of fashion and clothing production. With that, the Dona Kolors company was born. This socially conscious clothing and accessories brand specializes in unique, artisan garments, designed and handmade by women trained at the Lloc de la Dona.

The project

ISDIgital Foundation has been collaborating with the Botín Foundation Solidarity Talent Challenge for several years. Through this relationship we became familiar with Dona Kolors, and knew immediately we should select them as one of the projects we collaborate with through our volunteer alumni network.

Over the course of three months, a team of four xISDI volunteers carried out a strategic digital consulting project to develop the brand identity, and improve the e-commerce experience for customer. They delivered a proposal that could enhance the company’s overall business, and add value to their activity.

Volunteers in this project

  • Mari Luz Hérnandez
    Mari Luz Hérnandez
  • Nicolás Alfonso
    Nicolás Alfonso
  • Jorge Casasempere
    Jorge Casasempere
  • Idoia de Paz
    Idoia de Paz
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This project contributes to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Dona Kolors project contributes to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the most ambitious program of its kind launched by the UN in 2015 in an effort to address some of the most urgent global problems facing humanity.

Dona Kolors has won awards including the social entrepreneurship prize from Obra Social la Caixa out of 300 submitted projects.

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