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In keeping with our vocation as educators, and our conviction that digital transformation is embedded in all sectors of society, including early childhood education, we’ve developed various digital education workshops for schools. Programming is the great contemporary tool, and it is the language that children will need to speak and understand in their future professions, almost as if it were the alphabet or rules of grammar. The programming without a computer workshop is one of our most successful in-school initiatives.

The workshop

Using only colored glasses and a few paper templates, we put this programming without a computer workshop on with one objective: to show that anyone can learn to code, any action can become a symbolic language and the importance of precision in programming instructions.

​​The workshop allows people to learn basic concepts:

  • Convert real-life activities into INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Learn to CODE using symbols.
  • Understand the importance of PRECISION in programming.
  • Practice resolving errors, DEBUGGING.
  • Understand the use of functions and parameters.
  • Apply the extension of code, OPEN SOURCE.

Using group dynamics, the children have to:

  • Interpret a problem.
  • Come to agreements.
  • Use a common language.
  • Define a set of instructions.
  • Write them down, communicate them, carry them out.
  • Start again…

Some testimonials from schools where we’ve held this workshop…

“Starting with a brief history of computers the pupils were able to see just how far technology has come in such a short space of time.  Some pupils could relate to the word coding through games they have seen or played, such as Minecraft or Pacman. The pupils got their teeth stuck into some coding exercises and realized how important each step was.  Using cups was a fun and interactive way for the pupils to see at first sight the reality of what is needed when using code to programme different pieces of technology. The pupils were amazed, intrigued and in awe of the advances they made and through discussion, practical activities and questioning they were able to grasp the understanding of the coding concept. An amazing bootcamp from ISDI and one that will help the pupils in their development as coders and programmers”.

Mr. Meighan. Y4 teacher – Hastings School

Volunteers in this project

This project contributes to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The Coding project contributes to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the most ambitious program of its kind launched by the UN in 2015 in an effort to address some of the most urgent global problems facing humanity.

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