We want to provide everyone in our society with the advantages and opportunities associated with the digital revolution. Our mission is to aid digital empowerment through education, the development of digital skills and support for digitalization through social impact projects.

Three pillars for accelerating social impact through the digital world

Our three areas of focus aim to inspire and strengthen society as a whole, providing all individuals with the tools to interact with our new technological environment.

Digital Education

We want to give society a new mindset as well as the skills needed for this new era through
digital education aimed at the entire educational ecosystem: children, teachers and families

Digital support for social impact organizations

We provide support and training to social entrepreneurship organizations and initiatives to help them enhance their social impact by digitalizing their projects with the help of our network of professional digital volunteers and business partners.

Empowerment and visibility

We promote the empowerment of ALL members of society in our digital world, with a
special focus on the most vulnerable groups and those with fewer opportunities.

The Foundation’s Projects

Our three areas of focus aim to inspire and strengthen society as a whole, providing everyone with the tools to engage with our new technological environment.

All of our projects are aimed at contributing to the Sustainable Develpment Goals (SDG), the most ambitious program of its kind launched by the UN in 2015 in an effort to address some of the most urgent global problems facing humanity.

Coding without a computer

Using only colored glasses and a few paper templates, we put this programming without a computer workshop on with one objective: to show that anyone can learn to code, any action can become a [...]



Do you have a project with a social impact? Join the Foundation.

If you have a social project and you think we could help you grow your reach through digitalization, fill out this form.

Meet our network of digital volunteers.

We have a team of people who form part of our Digital Optimists community. They donate their time and experience for social projects.

We teach and help designing the digital strategy, corporate website, crowdfunding systems, social media strategy and other general strategies, and provide any digital assistance for non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship initiatives. Together we share a common goal: to lead positive change in society. In our case, we help best by helping digitally.

xISDI, this is your moment! If you are interested in being part of our digital volunteer network, fill in this form:

  • Javier Rodriguez Zapatero
      Javier Rodriguez Zapatero
    • Susana Muriel
        Susana Muriel
      • Luis Ferrándiz
          Luis Ferrándiz
        • Valeria Sánchez
            Valeria Sánchez
          • Inés Echevarría
              Inés Echevarría
            • Aquilino Peña
                Aquilino Peña
              • Idoia de Paz
                  Idoia de Paz
                • Marcelo Royán
                    Marcelo Royán
                  • Borja Garzón
                      Borja Garzón
                    • Fernando Gonzalez
                        Fernando Gonzalez
                      • Encarni Amador
                          Encarni Amador
                        • David Ruiz
                            David Ruiz
                          • “The experience built on the basics. It helped us to reinforce everything we had learned in the master’s program. Our diverse team still keeps in touch; it’s like another family. We’re all happy to share our knowledge and use our own professional experience to help a project with a social impact.”

                          • “The programming workshop is a great initiative by the ISDI Foundation that familiarizes children and teachers with programming in a new way. I don’t know who enjoys it more, the children or the teachers! The school has taken note, and has held the coding boot camp in the rest of its classes too.”



                          • Valeria Sánchez
                              Valeria Sánchez
                            • Natalia Rodríguez
                                Natalia Rodríguez

                              BOARD OF TRUSTIES

                              • Victor Molero
                                  Victor Molero
                                • Noelia Fernández por ISDI
                                    Noelia Fernández por ISDI
                                  • Javier Rodriguez Zapatero
                                      Javier Rodriguez Zapatero
                                    • Nacho de Pinedo
                                        Nacho de Pinedo

                                      A team of digital professionals serving society

                                      The Foundation’s team is made up of digital professionals united by the mission to seize the opportunities of the digital revolution in order to generate positive social impact.

                                      If you would like to contact the Foundation, please call us or write to us at: